Thursday, January 28, 2021

Have a heart! Or two. Or five. Or a dozen!

Cecilia Swatton here, getting ready for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion to brighten with hearts!

I use leftovers in creating three-dimensional heart embellishments for greeting cards, memo magnets, hanging ornaments, art journal cover decoration, lapel pins, earrings, etc.

In this  project, I’m using 6” x 6” StencilGirl® Pavilion Shadows with heavy-body black acrylic paint and 6” x 6” StencilGirl® Ski Lift Works with heavy-body red acrylic paint. Dollops of these paints, as well as heavy-body gold and white acrylic paints, are waiting on my tablet of disposable palette paper. 

After I’m done using paints for my painting-in-progress, I place wooden craft hearts into the leftover dollops of wet paint.  When I lift them, they’re partially coated with paint. Next, I double-dip each heart to load it with a second color. I repeat this till all leftover paints are used. 

After my first set of hearts dry, they’re ready to become embellishments on a Valentine greeting card. More newly-dry painted hearts are going a step further – into bling!  After placing them in a beading tray, I add glitter glue and miniature iridescent beads.
My second way to use leftovers starts with scraps of stencil-printed papers.  Today’s example is a foil scrap. I flip the scrap backside-up and freehand-draw 2 hearts.  Or you can use wooden hearts as tracing templates. After cutting out the heart shapes, I glue them to a Valentine card atop a lace doily.

I have another paper that was left over from an earlier project, when I’d printed it using 6” x 6” ” StencilGirl® Sprigs and 6” x 6” ” StencilGirl® Ivy Frame 6 Stencil.  From this paper scrap, I cut a column to place on a card.  After gluing a number of craft wooden hearts to the back of the remaining scrap, I start to cut them out so I can glue them to the Valentine with the column, as well as other Valentines.

Here are today’s finished greeting cards:


  1. Beautiful work Cecelia. I would never think of those linear stencils with valentines- you are expanding my thinking


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