Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Let's talk about "stencil masks."

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It’s Peg and Shel. We are so glad you found us today! Let's talk about masks.

Shel says, "Rather than thinking about face coverings like we did all of 2020, or making masquerade masks or Mardi Gras masks, or even talking about the figurative masks we all hide behind in our daily lives. Peg and I decided to talk about the definition and unique properties of 'stencil masks'. 

We get LOTS of questions and need for clarifications between what is a stencil vs what is a mask. I like to describe it this way. Think of a stained glass window. The stencil is the black part. The mask is the colors. Inny vs outy. And masks are probably my favorite type of stencil! So I made a quick and easy art journal page using several of my favorite masks from some favorite designers like Trish McKinney, Valerie Sodjin, and Traci Bautista.

Peg is glad you are here because she wants to share a canvas painting she did using Stencil Masks from StencilGirl®. Both Shel and Peg love masks and These are some of the best we have seen.

For the canvas, the masks are all are designed by Trish McKenney and have the look of all things found in nature, intertwining vines and leaves. So beautiful!  

Peg used the large wisteria mask to create the background and filled in with a few dripping moss masks. She followed up with a club set of leaf masks to create the grapevine look. using the leaf masks she then added outlines in white to enhance their visibility on the canvas.

Then several layers of iZink glazes were used to add depth and additional color.

If you don't like the shiny surface that you achieve using the glazes, add matte medium to the surface. I happen to like it on this piece although it make it hard to take pictures. Anyway, it would be fun to try this using different colors and make a seasonal choice in a spring and summer pallet.
Here is a short video shot in the studio while working on this.

StencilGirl® Stencils:

Tangled Beach Grass S660 
Leafy Doodle Verge S714
Scalloped Border Small Mask S644
Deconstructed Chrysanthemum S295
Garden Swirl L147
October 2019 StencilClub - Lacey Leaves
Wisteria Giant Product Code G026
Dripping Spanish Moss Product Code L684
Petals and Ripples Product Code L429
Lacey Spanish Moss S662

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