Thursday, May 13, 2021

NEW Stencil Alert: 4 new ATCs by 2 talented artists!

Hi there! StencilGirl is jumping with excitement. We have four new ATC stencils, really that is 36 when you cut them into their individual parts. You get variety, value, and cool designs!

Cat Kerr's ATC Mixup Stencil is here. Use the math mark-making lines and shapes, flock, moon phases, phrases (I am enough. I am brace. I am worthy.), stars and planets, circles, tiny dots along with tiny squares in your art journal or to make ATCs, tags, or greeting cards.

ATC Mixup Kerr, L856

Just look at these darling ATC cards and Cat has prepared a tutorial for you.

Cat decorated a pouch to stash the ATCs:

Margaret Peot enchanted us with the Spirit Birds, Beetles, and Animals she designed for 3 new ATC Mixup Stencils. We are sure you'll be enchanted too.

ATC Mixup Peot: Spirit Animals, L854

"This is a time to meditate and reflect," Margaret says. "I am sure you have animals in your world that you look for and connect to. Here are some of mine: Bear, Otter, Rabbit, Wolf, and others. What are some of yours?"


ATC Mixup Peot: Birds, L855

"Birds live in that liminal zone, between the earth and the sky, Margaret says. "Whether we live in the city or the country, the feathered friends we see lift our hearts." Some of Margaret's important birds—the Crow, Barn Owl, the fierce Swan, the mighty Hawk, and more—found their way onto this ATC Mixup Stencil. 

ATC Mixup Peot: Beetles, L853

Beetles are the tiniest creatures, but somehow some of the loveliest to Margaret. She was sitting on a hill in Montauk, watching the day go by, and a brilliant red beetle with black spots walked out of the grasses next to her and strode on past. That gave her the inspiration for this set of fantasy beetles. 

Use the Spirit Stencils to create ATCs to share with friends, add to journal pages, or make your own Spirit Animal, Bird, or Scarab Beetle tarot cards.

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  1. I don't see the Spirit Stencils on the website! Are they available for purchase yet?

  2. Wow - I love all of these ATC stencils! Fabulous, Cat and Margaret!


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