Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Mary Beth Shaw's VLOG: April 2021

Is there anything you can't stencil on?
Go behind the scenes with Mary Beth at her home to find out what she has to say about it!

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  1. Sometimes I would prefer the result from the positive space of the stencil instead of the negative (cut out) space of the stencil. But I can never seem to get my acrylic paint to stick to the plastic surface as abundantly as I wish. Any suggestions??

    1. May we please get your email address, Hadley? Thank you.

    2. I will send it to

  2. I really enjoyed this Vlog! I especially love your staircase and the cork placemats. But it was fun to see the various types of products you used the stencils on.
    I'm wondering if PS Mary meant, "Are there any types of art products that won't work with stencils." Not what you can use stencils on, but what products you can/can't use to produce art with stencils. Are there any art products that simply won't work with stencils?

  3. I have a lot of your open stencils but I would really like more fine line ones where just the lines show instead of large open areas. I've tried putting paint on the gel plate and then putting the stencil down and printing it as a stamp. It doesn't always work very well. Do you have any suggestions for printing an open stencil lines only?
    I loved seeing the kitty - what a sweetie! And all the projects you've done in your home. Thank you MB?


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