Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Heartfelt Thanks to Our 20-21 Creative Team!

Greetings and thanks for stopping by today! 

Throughout the unexpected hardships of this past year, these skilled artists put stencils and paint to the surfaces of fabric, paper, wood, and plastic, sharing art projects filled with beauty and grace.

They are the real deal and let their love of art shine brightly for all to partake.

I'm Carol Baxter and I am privileged to manage the team. If you have been reading StencilGirl Talk for the past year, you may be able to match the artwork in the thumbnails below to one of our talented Creative Team members.

Did you guess? A) Sunila & Aditi Mahajan aka Dots 2 Lines, B) Linda Edkins Wyatt, C) Sue Plumb, D) Shel C, E) Peg Robinson, F) Natalie May, G) Geri Beam, and H) Wendy Baysa.

Here's a recap of my favorite projects from each of them. Don't worry. The stencil project links open in new windows so you won't miss a post as you dive into art.

Art journaling and scrapbooking together, Sunila & Aditi Mahajan are the mother and daughter duo who bring us stenciled projects replete with layers bursting off the surface. Their Shadowbox Keyholder is a lovely example of their art.

Prancing hooves, the caress of butterfly wings, a tulip on fire with color, and clown to gather it all in. Linda Edkins Wyatt has a gift for color as you'll see in her art but Circus 19 Dream: A Mixed Media Pastiche is a fine composition.

I do believe I would recognize Sue Plumb's style in a blind show. I finally had to toss a coin between what I finally chose and Art is Good for You because projects for StencilGirl made choosing a fave practically impossible. Graceful blooms adorn many of Sue's artworks but I think the way she treated a single stencil as the focal in The Real Deal is magical. Her process is stepped out beautifully too.

When asked to interpret a theme, I felt pure delight to open an email and find out what the duo of Shel C and Peg Robinson (Art Joy of Sharing) dreamed up using the same stencils.

What Do You Have to Wear to Feel Dressed Today? Shel C had my heart at earrings! If earrings make you feel ready to take on the day, look no further than this post.

One of the best things about looking at art is falling in love with the details, how Peg Robinson was able to make me feel as if the heart was paused between beats by the way she shaded and texturized it in her art journal spread. Check out Passages - Doors to New Experiences.

We Carry You, Natalie May's homage to her grandmother moved me to tears. I love the idea of writing a little story on the back of artwork such as this so when it is handed down it sparks even more memories. Get carried away here.

Whist I adore Geri Beam's fabric and mixed media play, her Circus Tea Cart caused my jaw to hit the floor and stay there for some moments. How she stenciled it is stepped-out right here.

My Pastiche by Wendy Baysa is Wendy doing Wendy and I applaud her! There's a lot of fun to take in as you soar through her art journal spread that gives the viewer permission to grow and isn't that one of the pleasures of art journaling?

Mary Beth Shaw and I give our heartfelt thanks to Sunila, Aditi, Sue, Shel, Peg, Geri, Wendy, Nat, and Linda for always bringing their A-Game. 

You'll see them back as StencilGirl Talk guests!

Happily, you can always find them creating something new on their own platforms. 

Discover Sunila & Aditi Mahajan:

Discover Sue Plumb:

Discover Peg Robinson: 

Discover Shel: 

Discover Linda Edkins Wyatt:

Discover Geri Beam:

Discover Natalie May:


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with StencilGirl Products Creative Team.
    Thank you for the wonderful, heartfelt sendoff :) xxx

  2. What a wonderfully talented group of artists! Thanks for the many inspiring columns you produced.

  3. Thank you for those beautiful words. XXX


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