Thursday, April 15, 2021

One Stencil, Multiple Layers by Cat Kerr

Hi, everyone! Cat Kerr here! I've been obsessed with stencils for a long time now. They're versatile, easy to use, and with all of the amazing designs available to choose from, well, the creative possibilities are endless. I can easily use 5 or 6 different designs in one journal page and sometimes you can even catch me with a stack of stencils, a stack of cardstock, and my Gel Press Plate ready and eager for a monoprinting session! Yes, I love my stencils.  

Now, lately, I've been trying something new. I've been creating a lot of abstract art and in doing so I found that using 1 stencil (instead of using multiple like I normally use) and repeating it in the different layers really helps to unify the piece. This revelation has taken me by surprise. I have always been a "more is more" kind of girl and I still am, but what I've now learned is that there is also great value in using only one design and repeating it. In the close-up photo, you can literally see the four layers in which I used the same stencil. How cool is that! 

Please join me as I create a fun abstract journal page using only my Flock 6 x 6 stencil, acrylic paint and some mark-making tools.

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