Thursday, May 6, 2021

Inner Dream Houses Stencils by New Designer Rakefet Hadar!

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StencilGirl has a new stencil designer. Rakefet Hadar is a therapist, author, and artist from Israel.

The cluster of houses is Rakefet's most repetitive symbol and it appears in every [art journal] spread she creates.

This symbol is so meaningful and represents her inner child longing to find a home.

In her art, Rakefet deals with issues of the inner child and her need to find a nurturing environment, that allows for happiness and growth.

Eye and Houses Stencil, 9" x 12", L848

Rakefet's InnerDream Houses: Eye Stencil was inspired by her love of the inner eye and house symbols that represent the ongoing search for wholeness. She designed this stencil as a mandala of houses and around a big eye.


You can use the stencil as a whole or use house clusters to enrich your mixed media layers or use half of the stencil to create the focal point of an urban surrounding. This stencil can be used with India inks, acrylics, embossing powders, distress inks, markers, watercolors, and on gelly printing plates. The Inner Dream Houses: Eye Stencil is also great for doodling because you can stamp parts of the stencil and continue it in your own way. 

Tree and Houses Stencil, 12" x 9", L849

Rakefet's InnerDream Houses Tree Stencil was inspired by the connection between people to nature. There are lots of symbols that Rakefet uses in her work- the clusters of houses, the tree, the sun and moon, and the small figures. The tree is a portal to many parallel inner worlds.

The stencil was designed to allow multiple focal points in your art. You can use parts of it from any direction or you can use the entire design. 

Student artwork:

By Orit Svirsky

By Orit Svirsky

Additional Stencil used: Finding My Tribe by Carolyn Dube.

By Anat Tavory

By Anat Tavory

You can read Rakefet's bio and purchase Inner Dream Houses Stencils here.

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