Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Mary Beth Shaw's VLOG: June 2021

Go behind the scenes with Mary Beth in her studio today!
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  1. If, by accident, you get a crease or a fold in one of your stencils, is there any way you can fix it? Thanks mary lou Sherman. inker314 (at) yahoo (dot com)

    1. I hit my stencil with a heat gun (from a distance) when it got bent and it worked fine.

  2. Would you ever consider running a monthly StencilGirl Eye Candy Fest - for want of a better word.

    Basically select a stencil design each month/bimonthly (alternate between club and normal stencils) and we create something using that particular stencil for that particular month.

    U could post the stencil designs for each month maybe 6 months in advance giving us time to create and/or purchase the stencils if we want to

    Post our creation to IG and tag #stencilgirlartfest only for that particular month

    This way all creations using that particular stencil will be grouped together when you click on the hashtag

    Imagine how amazing it would be to see so many varieties of artwork all using the same stencil design

    thanks Ruth Spitzer
    ruthiespitzer (at) gmail (dot com)

  3. I am thinking of delving in to encaustics, and I know nothing! Would you consider teaching an online class for beginners? Or even better, how about an in person class here in St Louis?!!!!!

    1. She has an online encaustic class ❤️


  4. Wondering what encaustics are and if you have ever used lithograph crayons with stencils

  5. What ventilation do you have in your studio for encaustic work

  6. Just a weirdo question from me. What temperature do you usually keep your studio and workspace? It affects so many different mediums- just wondering.

  7. Mary Beth, however did you manage to keep your encaustic supplies tucked away for so long??!! lol. You have some great stuff there...I hope that you get set up and using them shortly. You will, wont you? And then show us, of course. textilerecycler at yahoo dot com

  8. I haven’t done encaustics but look forward to a demo. Question: do you ever have Clearance sales on old stencils? Thanks
    Juliehcarter (at) me (dot com)

  9. What is the best chair to get for your desk in your craft room? I have chronic back pain and arthritis and I need to know! Can you recommend one? Thanks!
    diane (dot) swanson3 at gmail (dot com)

  10. MaryBeth, you are a truly my friend. I live alone and have two full bathrooms. The guest bathroom's bathtub serves as storage for my Christmas trees. I can put them in the tub without dismantling, and close the shower curtain. Voila!!!! ready for the next year.


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