Thursday, June 10, 2021

Traci Bautista's Kaleidoscope Collection is here!

This stencil collection is inspired by the beauty and magic of the kaleidoscope toy you played with as a child.

These intricate stencil patterns were hand-drawn by artist Traci Bautista. The symmetrical abstract floral shapes can be used in a variety of different ways as you experiment. There is so much to discover and explore while you PLAY. 

"Life is like a many moments, experiences, emotions, and ideas that are constantly moving and changing through our journey," Traci says. "When you shuffle everything together the result is a beautifully rich and colorful image. When you look through a kaleidoscope you see a series of beautiful vibrant colors and patterns that sparkle. Then with the slightest twist, the pattern changes instantly...much like life."

The names in this collection of masks with stencils reflect her kaleidoscope theme and an associated abstract floral shape.

  • 1 Enchanted Protea
  • 2 Magic Dahlia
  • 3 Playful Starflower
  • 4 Spinning Peony
  • 5 Pattern Plumeria
  • 6 Infinite Rose, 
  • 7 Sparkling Moraea
  • 8 Shifting Bromeliad

They are perfect to use to create layered backgrounds for art journals and canvases. Stack the stencils on top of each other or side by side to create new patterns over a gel plate and make multiple prints. Paint them with watercolor or spray with ink. Apply gesso or molding paste through the stencils using a palette knife to reveal textures then paint the dried gesso resist with watercolors.

Enchanted Protea, S876, 6” x 6” 

Magic Dahlia, S877, 6” x 6”

Playful Starflower, S878, 6” x 6”

Spinning Peony, S879, 6” x 6”

Pattern Plumeria, S880, 6” x 6”

Infinite Rose, S881, 6” x 6”

Sparkling Moraea, S882, 6” x 6”

Shifting Bromeliad, S883, 6” x 6”

Traci used #tracibautistaCOLOR handmade watercolor and inks, gesso, molding paste, Golden so flat acrylics, and PaperArtsy paints in her Kaleidoscope Collection artwork. 

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