Friday, October 1, 2021

3rd Time Duo!

Mary Beth Shaw and Carolyn Dube are back with the StencilClub set for October 2021!

Get Bits & Pieces when it ships to members on October 15th.

As a member you'll receive:
  • One exclusive 9" x 12" EXCLUSIVE stencil: Lines and shapes with corner vibes make this large stencil fun. Use this to create one motif or simply stencil bits and pieces.
  • One exclusive 6" x 6" EXCLUSIVE mask: Barb Wire influenced Overlapping Circles in a funky way. There are parts of life that are smooth and parts that are not.
  • One exclusive 4" x 4" EXCLUSIVE stencil: Swoon over this mini as you make patterns.
  • A special technique video Carolyn and Mary Beth made just for you!
  • Access to the secret group on Facebook where you can share, (and even lurk), be inspired, and inspire other creatives.
  • Club members save 20% on stencils all the time!

Still undecided? Carolyn made a bonus video for you with the mini stencil:

See? You know you need this set. Join StencilClub.

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