Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Mary Beth Shaw's VLOG: October 2021

Go behind the scenes with Mary Beth in her studio today!
Join Mary Beth for her birthday in Ireland!
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  1. Good morning, Mary Beth! You are such a wonderful teacher. I feel very lucky to have found you. I’m curious about how you got started w stenciling and then decided to turn it into a business and teach it to others. I know you did some large installations in an earlier part of your career…. Anyway, thanks for all you give!

    1. Oh, just in case I get lucky-

  2. Hi Mary Beth! Are you planning on using the pigments with your stencils? Are they to be mixed with water?

  3. I am curious as to how many different styles stencils Stencil Girl has created over the years? Where do you get all of your ideas? Thanks.

  4. OMG MaryBeth, I loved "re-living" our Italy trip through your memories in this vlog! Let us know when you start mixing the pigments, I haven't tried yet. What will be your favorite medium to mix with? xo

  5. Hi Mary Beth. I was wondering how you come up with different designs. With so many stencils out there, it has to be hard to come up with something new. I got my first club stencils this month, and can’t wait to use them.


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