Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Big Impact - Small Project with Natalie May

I love me some bright, punchy color and creating Art Journal pages that are quick and simple
PLUS have a big color impact is one of the things I love!

I used my 6x6" Dina Wakley journal to create this page - Big Impact - Small Project!

Using a Catalyst Tool (my fave tool ever), I applied a couple of shades of orange paint across
the whole top of my page, swiping down towards the middle of the page.

I then used a couple of shade of hot pink & magenta swiping up into the orange,
gently overlapping them to meet in the middle.

Once dry, I used the Tall Flowers Stencil designed by Margaret Peot with a super cute little
blending tool to layer paint over the top. I loved that I could pull certain elements from
the stencil and layer them across the page.

Next I used the Serendipity Floral, was designed by Jennifer Evans from the StencilClub April 2017 release.  This is one of my fave floral stencils. 
I was wanting to use it as a stamp rather than a stencil so using my gel plate, I loaded my
plate with white paint using a brayer, then 'kissed' the stencil into the paint to transfer
the white to the stencil.
I then pressed the paint loaded stencil onto the art journal page to create the stamped look.

I completed the project by adding a few splatters of white paint, a little white along
the edges and a thin little phrase.

Simple and effective and packs a pretty punch!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day

Natalie May

Serendipity Floral from StencilClub April 2017
Tall Flowers Stencil designed by Margaret Peot


  1. I love this! The brilliant colors, the delicate white flowers on top - the whole thing is beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration, Natalie!

  2. I absolutely love this!! I love the subtle white in there. AWESOMENESS!!!

  3. Beautiful and accessible. Thanks for the clear tutorial!

  4. This is beautiful page. The use of color is fabulous. A question: what is a "catalyst tool"?


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