Monday, October 25, 2021

StencilGirl® Affirmation and Tarot Card Collaboration

Hello! Tina Walker here with my latest StencilGirl® collaboration!

This month, I challenged our participants to create an Affirmation or Tarot Card Deck and the results are fantastic!  The variety and breadth of creative ideas astounded me and I can't wait to share their finished projects!

I'll share a picture of their entire deck + 1 of their favorite cards.  It could be imagery, the words, or both.

First up is Martha Richardson.

Favorite Stencils Used:


ATC MixUp Sacred Hearts


Next we have Leigh Ann Bierman.

Favorite Stencils Used:

Doodle It Bigger

Journal Texture

Next up is Linda Wyatt.


Favorite Stencils Used:

Lemurian Leaves 

Wildflowers Lace

ATC Mix Up Sacred Heart

Next is Kristen Peterson.


Favorite Stencils Used:

 Four Point

Stars with Stars Mask

Bittersweet Mini

Next we have Susan Brown.

Favorite Stencils Used:

Mix Up Kerr

Mix Up Evans

Art Deco Wallpaper

Next up is Tracy Krueger.

Favorite Stencils Used:

Mosaic Flowers Repeat

StencilClub April 2021 

Next we have Martha Christopher

Favorite Stencils Used:

Inky Circles


Rembrandts Words

Let's check out Ann Barnes. 

Favorite Stencils Used:

ATC Mix Up Sacred Hearts

Four Sacred Hearts 

Next Up is Eleaca Young

Favorite Stencils Used:

ATC MixUp Missigman

Large Bubbles

Pressed Leaves

Lets check out Megan Quinlan.

Favorite Stencils Used:

StencilClub Feb 2021

Journaling Right Hand 

Arani Goddess

Next we have Dee Dee Catron.

Favorite Stencils Used:


Garden Flowers Tile

Interesting Dots Repeating

Last, but not least, Kerry Molina.

Favorite Stencils Used:

The Dance Of This Life

Marbles 6. 

Layered Salad 

I also participated in the challenge.  I had been wanting to make a Tarot Card deck for a long while, (which is what actually prompted the idea of the collaboration), so I used a deck of playing cards as my base.

In order to keep the project manageable, I created 22 cards, representing the Major Arcana.  Using vintage german die cuts as a guide I painted over them for my own astetic.  I wanted a crow or blackbird on each card to create a theme.  I am calling my deck the Winged Ancestors.  They have a bit of whimsy combined with my love of old, vintage things.

Favorite Stencils Used:

StencilClub May 2021

Three Crows


If you hop on over to my Instagram Page >> Tina Walker (adogslife13) I will also be sharing a short video flip through of each card.

I hope you enjoyed all of the wonderful Affirmation and Tarot Card Decks.  Each one is unique, individual, and personal to each creator.

Until next time!




  1. Wow! These were all so good! Loved having the opportunity to create!

  2. What a wonderful collection of imagination and inspiration! Great idea for a collab, Tina!

  3. What a great collaboration and blog post! Yea!

  4. Every one of these sets is unique and exquisitely beautiful! Thanks for sharing — SBP


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