Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Piano Hinge Book with Kirsten Varga

Hi!  Kirsten with you today.

I hope you have taken the Layers of Stencils: Opposites Really Do Attract class by Mary Beth because it is inspiring and the results are beautiful! You only use two colors of paint (complementary colors) to create a range of hues that make the layers you create with stencils dynamic and interesting. 

I found it very satisfying to create a beautiful range of colors that worked so well together just by using two complementary colors. To me, the resulting decorative papers were the perfect start for another handmade book.

Piano Hinge is not a binding I usually make but when I was rummaging through my studio and found a package of small wooden dowels I knew I needed to shake things up. I added a simple weave to the top and bottom of my books to give the binding permanence but you can leave that off so you can have the freedom to change out the pages.

This binding can be used to make books of all sizes and I don't know about you but I love an easy way to make a chunky book.

Check out the video below to see the process!

Thanks for stopping by the StencilGirl® blog and I hope you have a creative day!


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StencilGirl® Stencils used:

Spoked Wheels Collage Mask by Jennifer Evans - S709

Color Gradient Swatch Wheel Stencil by Rae Missigman - S838

Pixels by Rae Missigman - S509

Other supplies:

9"x12" 140lb Watercolor Paper
Acrylic Paint 
Thin Wooden Dowels
Paper cutter
Bone Folder
Matte Medium
Wire Snips


  1. I really love your project and your video showing how to do both the stenciling and the piano hinge weaving was beautifully clear. But I have a question: Are the colors you used really complementary? They appear to be greens and yellows, which I would call analogous. Perhaps I'm not seeing the colors clearly on my screen?

  2. I have always always LOVED the piano hinge book binding....thank you for such a good detailed video....I'm ready, after I pack up Christmas !!! Happy New Year to YOU....xoxo

  3. Now that is a cool way to bind a book! Thanks for sharing with us. I have to give this a try.


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