Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Wannabe Washi Tape

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

Hello there, it's Renee Day with thediyday here to share a fun wannabe washi tape do-it-yourself. Washi tape is such a fun tool to have in your arsenal and can be used in many craft projects. However,  sometimes colors and designs are needed and not readily available. That's where this DIY comes in handy.  

For this particular project I used file folder labels.  But if you're using acrylic paints this technique will work on masking tape (oxide inks smear on masking tape).  Just be sure to adhere the tape to wax paper before designing for easy removal.    

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

After randomly stamping some texture designs onto the labels, add various colors to the top with oxide inks.  Be sure the stamp ink you're using waterproof, otherwise it will eventually smear and cause a big mess, I'm using Ranger Archival Ink.

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

Add a stencil to the top of colorful labels and spray with water to activate the oxides. I'm using the Pebbles Layer Me Stencil (L368) and the result is a milky chalky look in the design of the stencil.   

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

Add additional stamping to the labels.  This gives the background a bit more noise.  

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

Next, I grabbed the Fade Horizontal Stencil (L027) and a light grey ink pad and added various sized circles to the labels.

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

The last stencil I'm using is the Soulful Scribbles Dots Dash (L605).  I applied this right on top using black acrylic paint and a stencil brush.

Wannabe Washi Tape by Renee Day

Here's how the wannabe washi tape turned out.  Tear off a small piece from both edges of the label to give that torn off the washi tape roll look.  


Renee Day

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  1. Your "washi tape" turned out great - thanks for the tips!


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