Thursday, July 28, 2022

Fantastic New Florals from Rae Missigman!

The inspiration for these was gathered from a wildflower garden that I visited in Washington DC. I remember that there were rows and rows of colored stalks that peeped over one another, row after row. It was their crowded space and tangled web of color that really caught my eye. And even in all of that jumbled tangle that was a garden I was able to pick out different shaped leaves, petals and stems. It was almost as if they were riding a line between realistic and imaginary in their chaotic little habitat. 

I envision using these on the Gelli Plate (with acrylic paint) as masks have the power to create such beautiful layers of color and lines using this medium. I also appreciate and LOVE the mysterious and unpredictable results that come from mixing inks with masks. The fluid lines that result are always a beautiful surprise.

Rae's newest collection is available today at


  1. Lovely, lovely new masks, Rae. I'll definitely be ordering these and trying the techniques.

  2. Lovely stencils.


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