Wednesday, August 17, 2022

New Nostalgic Designs from Cynthia Silveri

As I’ve gotten older (ah yes, six decades under my belt!) I’ve been feeling nostalgic for people and places and times past. All three of these stencils have come from my reminiscing.

She Sings Like a Bird (S917)

When my youngest daughter was born (2004) my sister-in-law (her godmother) made her an interesting sculpture of tin bird and flower cutouts, old jewelry, and stick-on stars glued to an old iron plate. The title of her piece was “She Sings Like a Bird”, which was so apt for my daughter’s vivacity and beautiful singing voice! Over the years the parts fell off and I put them away. Recently I came across it in a box and decided to reassemble it. It was the inspiration behind this stencil. I love how birds are always a heartwarming subject to work with and how the different parts of this stencil can be used in many different ways.

Madonna and Child (S906)

The design for this stencil is derived from a tapestry that belonged to my grandmother who was a devout Catholic. My mother gave it to me when my grandmother passed away in 2002. I’ve recently returned to my Catholic practice and felt compelled to create this design. Even if you aren’t Catholic or “religious”, I think this stencil is a beautiful depiction of the love between a mother and child.

Owl and Acorns (S916)

Based on a linocut design that my youngest daughter made in middle school, I created this cute stencil in honor of her official transition to adulthood—she turned 18 in January. I thought this would be a fun stencil to create an art piece for a child or to use various parts of it, like the texture of the feathers and tree bark, for other more abstract works.

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  1. Thanks for these very charming stencils, Cynthia - I love them all!


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