Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Thank You Cards with Natalie May

Hi there fabulous Creatives!

Today I am sharing some simple and bright Thank You Cards created using Alcohol Inks and the ATC Mixup Missigman stencil.

Having an online stores means we get to send out some fabulous crafty goodies to our customers and we are lovers of personalised gift wrapping and hand made thank you cards!

Although it can be time consuming, creating 3x4 inch Thank You cards is a total relax thing for me and I find it to be the perfect way to unwind!

Today I am sharing a few of the latest little cards I have made ... let me talk you through them!

I start with a few Alcohol Inks that are from the same colour family - warm colours seem to be a fave at the moment - and some glossy cardstock and yupo paper.

I always start on a A5 size piece then trim them down.  Moving the inks around on the card can create some simple and effective finishes when dry. I usually make a tonne of them so I have a stash ready to go too!

Once they are dry, I used the ATC Mixup Missigman stencil and some Liquitex Gesso with a blending tool to lightly create the images I was after. The size of the designs on this stencil were perfect for the cards.


When the gesso was dry, I used a couple of different permanent pens to give the images a scribbly outline finish and add some detail. On a few of them where the gesso was not solid enough, I used a brush tip white paint marker to give it more depth.

I love that each one is different and with a scribbly border, they are all personalised!

Each little card will also get a custom stamp on the back - just right words to say thanks!

Thanks for stopping by and look forward to sharing with you again soon!

Natalie May!
Instagram - @happydaks
Website - www.nataliemay.com.au


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