Thursday, August 25, 2022

Indroducing The Couture Collection by Trena Brannon

The Couture Collection was inspired by Trena's love of fashion illustration and warm memories of playing with paper dolls when she was a child. The set includes masks and fitted openings for endless possibilities for your artwork. Outlines provide a jumpstart for coloring, masks and open stencils allow for your customized designs, or you can use the ATC stencil included in the collection for fabric designs.

The collection includes  - a 9x12 model stencil with two sizes of three different models, a 9x12 closet stencil for the large models, a 6x6 closet for the smaller size models,  and a 9x12 ATC fabric/texture and other little bits stencil to complement the models.  The couture models stencil also includes a curvy woman, as many of us have curves and we embrace them all!

The women can be used as focal points for greeting cards, journal spreads, on canvases, on walls, and included in larger art pieces. They work well with a variety of supplies. There are so many possibilities!!

Trena's Couture Collection is now available at


  1. What a delightful collection, Trena! I, too, loved paper dolls as a child. These stencils bring back good memories.

    1. Thank you Terry! Such a simple concept can bring so much joy!

  2. These are great! Love the paper doll options in stencils. I have some metal dies of paper dolls that I have been using. Will add these to that collection!


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