Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Embracing Black in Art Journal Pages

Embracing Black in our Art Journal pages

Hello friends!
Tina here from Tina Hois Art. Beyond giddy to be part of the StencilGirl® design team!
This is my very first blog post -EVER- and as I type this there is a nervous excitement running to my fingertips.
How fabulous is learning and diving into new things!

I love creating with stencils! 
Stencils offer a creative element to pages and papers that can not be replicated. 
With that said I had the task of choosing some favorites ~ and let me tell you that was a challenge!

Today I will be sharing with you my admiration for the color black and the impact it adds to a page with some stencil magic.

For this particular page I decided on the following stencils. 
  • L680 Tall Beach Grass Mask stencil by Trish McKinney 
  • S819 Rooted in Nature Monarch Mask, Dave Daniels 

Along the way on this creative journey I have learned many things and the one thing that stands out is there are no mistakes and everything can be covered with collage or gesso! 
So there you go, feel free to explore and experiment.

I love using black in my work and adding/removing it with a stencil pattern offers some beautiful results. 
Stencils provide a framework and allow the base colors and patterns to shine.

This technique is all about the negative image and removing paint.

Allow yourself the freedom to cover your base paint with black ~ remove and admire the results.

 Lets get Started!

Supply List:

L680-Tall Beach Grass
S819-Rooted in Nature

All the other stuff:
Choice of substrate
Acrylic paint - Liquitex unbleached titanium & Black
Ephemera-colorful bits of painted and vintage papers
Matte Medium
Acrylic Marker 
Cosmetic Sponge 
paint brush
Baby Wipes 

Step 1: Using a pencil create random marks on your page

Step 2:
With the matte medium, glue down all your painted papers-keeping in mind where the image will be placed-we don't want them covered 

Step 3:
Apply gesso to the remaining part of the page as well as over some random edges of your collage papers and dry completely.
With a cosmetic sponge add your base color using circular motions - I tend to use a sponge because it adds softness  (do not dry)


Step 4:
Lay stencil on top of the wet paint. 

Step 5:
Gently remove paint using a baby wipe. 
Continue throughout the page. It may take several wipes. 
Once satisfied dry the page.

Step 6:
Cut out the image you will be using and with matte medium adhere it to the page.

Step 7:
With the cosmetic sponge apply the black around the image, its ok if you go over the edges of the image.  This will incorporate it to your page cohesively. Do not dry.

Step 8:
Apply the next stencil as we did above and begin removing the black paint.
you will need a few wipes for this part.
Feel free to move the stencil around the page, overlap it and change direction to add  interest.

Step 9:
Using a white acrylic paint marker draw some random dots around the image and where you feel they are needed. 

I hope you enjoyed this little demonstration and that you will embrace black in your journals. 

Check out the process video https://youtu.be/5Sfc0a7jeFk 
For more inspiration you can find me on instagram  Tina (@tinahoisart) • Instagram photos and videos

Keep creating, 



  1. Nice job for your first blog, Tina! I really like the way you used those two stencils - very effective! Next time, I'd like to see bigger photos in the text, if possible, but all was very visible in your video. Congrats!

  2. Thank you for the feedback Terry .I promise to conquer my new video set up for next timešŸ˜‰

  3. I just watched the video on YT and didn't realize it was you creating, Tina! But now I recognize your style and I simply adore this!!! I love the way removing the black paint makes the stencil shapes appear so well and that stencil is perfect for this effect! Great job!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah~ I appreciate the kind comment and happy you enjoyed the videošŸ„°


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