Sunday, August 7, 2022

Carol Ponsford - August StencilClub Paisley Play

Hi everyone, Carol here and thanks for joining me as I play on my gel plate with the StencilGirl® August StencilClub set designed by Jennifer Evans. I love the beautiful positive and negatives you can achieve with these stencils. These papers would be great collage paper, greeting cards, or if cut out, collage fodder. They can become very intricate if you add doodling with Posca markers.

To start I took PaperArtsy paint and rolled a stripe pattern on the plate using the colors Bora Bora, Wisteria, Bubble Gum and Butternut, laid the stencil on top and made my first pull on white printer paper.

I removed the stencil and let what was left on the plate dry. I then rolled the same colors with a little white in the opposite order and rolled these out in a thin layer and pulled a print on deli paper. Feeling like parts were getting lost, I decided to add another layer so I rolled a solid layer of PaperArtsy Cherry Blossom on the plate then laid the stencil back on the plate paying attention to which side I needed down to be sure to align with my previous print. I then turned the gel plate over and placed the plate onto the deli print trying to align as best as possible (I didn't mind if the registration was off a little bit). I removed the deli print and the stencil and let the remainder of the paint dry. Once it was completely dry, I rolled a thin layer of gel medium over the plate, turned the plate over and printed it onto the first (white paper) print I had done. The gel plate makes it so easy to get positive and negative prints. I hope you will give this a try!

Below is one more fun project of collage fodder I did with these wonderful stencils. I rolled a layer of FolkArt Color Shift paint in Aqua Flash and Red Flash on my gel plate, printed it on black Cardstock then cleaned any residue off of the plate. I then laid the stencil on the plate, rolled black paint on top of the stencil, removed the stencil and cleaned the excess paint from the stencil by pressing it onto a scrap piece of paper I had waiting on the side. While the black paint was still wet on the plate, I pulled a print onto the color shift coated Cardstock. Once dry, I traced each area with a gold Uniball pen and then doodled on the black areas of the print with my colored Posca markers until I was happy with them and then cut them into fodder pieces.

I will be back next month to share new projects with the StencilClub September set. Until then... I hope you have as much fun playing and exploring the possibilities with these wonderful stencils as I did! 

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Happy Creating!

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  1. Beautiful work, Carol!

  2. Carol, I am very interested in your paisley art, however instructions are confusing for me. Would it be possible to make a video? . Thank you.

    1. Carol, I figured it out, thanks for your inspiration!


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