Thursday, October 27, 2022

New From Mary Beth Shaw- Compositional Elements Collection

New additions to Mary Beth Shaw's compositional elements stencil designs are brand new today.  This new collection has two 9 x 12" stencils and one 6 x 6" stencil.   The designs focus on color and shape and these will make a great addition to Mary Beth's other designs that focus on line. 

Roy G. Biv (and friends) L926

Roy G. Biv (and friends) allows you to literally bring color into your work, while also providing text elements in two sizes.  Perfect for working into your journal pages or other mixed media work!

Check out how pretty the stencil is covered in the corresponding paint colors. 

Shapes (L936)

Shapes comes in large and small sizes and offer a variety of abstracted, organic shapes to your work no matter what medium you choose. These designs also create interesting marks and textures for mono printing, rubbings, and gel plate printing. 

Shapes Small (S936)

Mary Beth's latest designs are available now at

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