Tuesday, October 18, 2022

DIY Wood Panel Photo Clip Frame

Hello all,  Happy October!

Super excited to be sharing this little project with you. 

This time around rather than creating in my journal I opted to create on a wood blank that I purchased at dollar tree ~ as we all know stencils are for more than just paper!

I love showcasing family photos, pieces of art or perhaps a poem or even a reminder note. 
This little clip frame is perfect on the shelf of my studio and makes a great little gift.

For this project I used two different stencils, acrylic ink and acrylic paints.
I love painted layers and will go through the various steps of achieving this look and adding depth to your art pieces.
The end result should be light and dreamy ~ remember to use a light tough when applying paint.

The Process:

  • Using the gel plate, add your choice paint color ~ I love white because it pops!
  • Apply the stencil and cover it with white tissue paper ~ gently rub the entire surface and pull
  • Set aside and we will incorporate later

  • Cover the wood panel with an old book page using a glue stick. I found this to be the easiest and most effective method
  • Trim off any excess paper 
  • Apply matte medium to entire surface and allow to dry completely ~ this will seal the paper and prep it for the paint application

  • With a spray bottle spray some of the surface and add a small amount of acrylic ink ~ I tend to add a small amount of water first to allow for movement ~
  • Spray some more water on to the ink and start moving the wood panel in various directions to get those gorgeous drips
  • Once satisfied dry completely 

  • Using your stencil  cover the wood panel and with a cosmetic sponge apply the first layer or acrylic paint ~ I am using black.  *do not overload the sponge 
  • remove the stencil and allow to dry

  • With a piece of tape secure your wood piece to your work surface
  • Tape out any portions of the stencil you DO NOT want to use (not so pretty but it works)
  • Tape down the stencil ( only on one side) to your work surface ( this will ensure that we layer over the exact same portion of the stencil design)
  • Start with your first layer of acrylic paint ~ apply a small amount with a cosmetic sponge and very light pounces 
  • For this project I started with the lightest color first and will continue to add darker hues 

  • Continue with the second layer adding a darker shade ~ I started in the center and moved outwards
  • Stop three quarters of the way allowing the first layer to be visible

  • Lifting the tape relocate the stencil to another part of the panel, overlapping just a tad.
  • With the same technique as above ~ use the lighter shade only
  • If you are working on a larger substrate you will need to do this several times

  • For the final stenciled layer I used the initial stencil and lightly added paint ( to various parts using transparent oxide yellow~ once again small amount of paint and very light pouncing motion

  • Remember that tissue paper ~ go grab it tear it up and with your matte medium find a home for it on your project 
  • I also added lines and marks with my white gel pen and a pencil

  • Apply matte medium to the entire surface and allow to dry
  • Add a clip and some ribbons  and voila!
  • Alternatively holes can be punched with a hole punch add some rope and hang.

I look forward to seeing your projects ~ ENJOY

Have a Happy Arty Day !!!

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Acrylic Paint
  • white
  • light pink
  • dark pink
  • black
  • transparent oxide yellow
Acrylic Ink:
  • DR~Sepia

Wood panel
Old book paper
Tissue Paper
Matte Medium
Cosmetic Sponges
Heat Tool
Fabric or Ribbons

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