Thursday, October 13, 2022

Introducing The Random Thoughts Collection by Carolyn Dube

As you read through the words on the stencils, you may notice that some of these aren’t full sentences or even complete thoughts, but just a random collection of words meant to inspire you in your creative play. You have the flexibility to use the entire stencil for a background, or intentionally pick a few words to use on an art journal page, an ATC, in a collage, or anything else you create. Feeling adventurous? Then stencil the words on tissue paper, cut them apart, and randomly grab a few and see where it takes you!

This stencil was inspired by the random thoughts that pop into Carolyn’s head, the loud and soft voices heard, and all the distracting noise that seems to be in the world right now.  Write inside the speech bubbles, stencil words in them, glue found poetry inside, or use them any other way you want! This stencil includes all 8 masks which give you even more options for using this set! 

Carolyn's new collection is available now at


  1. Delightful and versatile new stencils - thanks, Carolyn! (Also thanks for your exuberant art featuring these stencils!)

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