Monday, October 24, 2022

Hallo(DEX)ween Collaboration!

Hello! Tina Walker here today with my latest StencilGirl® Collaboration Column post!

In celebration of my favorite holiday of the year - HALLOWEEN - we are bringing you dimensional, trendy, and totally cool projects.  We are using a 3-D, rolodex inspired idea, which we call 'in(DEX)ed', and stencil-fying it!  I can't believe this is my first StencilGirl® Halloween themed collaboration, but I am positive, you will love it!

The concept of in(DEX)ed was born from a collaborative think-tank session with my dear friend DeeDee Catron, owner of UmWowStudio. We wanted a 3 - D approach to journaling combined with the trendy rolodex card and icad challenges.  in(DEX)ed is the perfect platform for creating super cool, creepy, and wicked Halloween dimensional art - so I thought it would be fun to do a collaboration with it.

Each participant received a range of in(DEX)ed core products + a variety of other Halloween chipboard.  They were allowed to create any halloween themed projects, using a variety of stencils + whatever they may have in their stash.


(please click each name to see more pictures, close-ups, and details of each tray)  

You do not want to miss it!


WOW, WOW, and Black & White WOW!!!  This is such a striking in(DEX)ed tray and I love the stark contrast of the black and white.

Stencils Used:

Sea of Skiffs

Rows of Triangles



I am totally obsessed with Megan's color use.  The colors are non-traditional Halloween, and I freakin' love it!


Stencils Used:

ATC MixUp Apter

Music Score



I am a long time fan of DeeDee's clean aesthetic (it's SO GOOD) way of making, as well as her neutral color palette.  Both really draw you in for a closer look.

Stencils Used:

Poppy Seed Heads

Create Face

Playful Petals


Michele's tray is giving me all the halloween-y feels!  ♥♥♥  The bats on the moon?  Oh Yes!!!

Stencils Used:

Winter Trees

Stars Inspired by Matisse 

StencilClub August 2020


Kecia's tray is SO Halloween, and I LOVE it!  When I think Halloween, these are the memories I have.  And check out the witch!  Simply divine!

Stencils Used:

Jackwitch Bootiful

Halloween Imagery

ATC Mixup Birds


Not only is Tracy's cards spooky, her tray is outta this world!  (or should I say outta this cemetery?)  LOL.  Really loving her bright green and orange color palette.

Stencils Used:

StencilClub June 2017

Art House

StencilClub June 2022


I am in complete awe of Ann's indexed tray.  It is so striking, beautiful, and unique!  It has such a vintage, retro vibe, but fresh at the same time.  In love!!

Stencils Used:

Botanical Wildflowers

Beautiful Halo

Halo Faithful

Aren't they the spookiest, creepiest, and most amazing Halloween projects?  I love them all!  Can you image one of these trays with Christmas themed cards?  Oh my!  I might have to add that to my list of to-makes!

Before we go, let's take a look at my Hallo(DEX)ween tray.  I used a new, unique, and one-of-a-kind tray, we call 'the double-wide', just for this project. (If you scroll up and check out DeeDee's again, you'll notice she used the double-wide as well.  We developed this new tray especially for our in(DEX)ed kit, and I just had to use it for my StencilGirl® Halloween Tray.

I'll share close-ups of some of my favorite cards.

and some of the special trays I created.

For this tray, I custom-made a dimension 'window' using a modeling paste on vellum, and 2 zombie chipboard pieces inside.  I placed a mini light inside the 'window' for a night-time, spooky look.

This card features another custom-made 'mini book', using stenciled gelli prints for the pages.  

My last special card is another book.  I call this a flip book and it is so versatile.  Inside is a stenciled image (using watercolors), and embellished with fabric.  This is one of my favorite cards in the entire tray.

And my finished Hallo(DEX)ween tray!

Stencils Used:

Three Crows Stencil

Leafy Trees Arch 

Gross Anatomy


StencilClub July 2022

A made a short video flip-through as well, so you can see the luscious dimension and each piece up close and personal.  

Want more details on indexed products?  Click HERE!

Until next time! 




  1. Wow, these are such awesome projects, I always love how each artist's style comes through in a truly unique response to the prompt. Fabulous inspiration can be found in every tray! Loving the Halloween theme and the range of stencils used, that aren't necessarily Halloween! - Ann B

  2. I love everyone's trays! All so unique and "scary". StencilGirl collabs are the best!

  3. All the trays are unbelievable but the dimension you created on yours...WOWOWOWOW!

  4. They are so amazing!! Great collab ❤️


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