Thursday, November 3, 2022

Please Join us in Welcoming New Designer, Jane Monteith!

Jane Monteith is a resin and encaustic artist, author, and entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada. She has been a creative type for as long as she can remember. After ditching the business attire of the corporate and non-profit sectors in pursuit of her passion, Jane ran her own mural design business for more than a decade, painting logos and mascots on school gym crash mats. Now, she runs an online art business and offers online classes for aspiring artists and artist entrepreneurs. She can be found at her website, her Instagram @janelovesdesign, or her podcast, The Curious Creator.

This simple stencil is inspired by small stones and pebbles found in everyday nature and paths of small crushed stones beneath our feet and layers upon layers of earthy textures.

Inspired by nature and rock formation. This stencil is split with a solid formation rising up to simple stones that stack on top of one another. The solid boulder rocks represent the foundation and structure beneath the ground for the smaller stones to lay.

Inspired by my love of nature and rocks. This stencil encompasses much of my art style and the simplicity of it. I love the oval-style smooth curves found in natural stones one would find on the beach washed over by the sea's saltwater. 

Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi and repairing broken pottery. This stencil has intricate lines and details that are reminiscent of the Japanese process. Layered with my love of iridescent gold, it's inspirational and beautiful to use and incorporate with many art mediums. 

This stencil is inspired by my walks in nature and the tall trees found within the trails behind my house that are dappled with sunlight. But inspiration is endless and when this stencil is turned vertically, other patterns and interpretations can be recreated.

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