Thursday, December 8, 2022

New Masks from Kelly Cameron!

                                  Elizabethan Lizard (L939)

I have always loved to doodle and it seems like the tinier and the more painstaking the doodle, the better. I like to draw things that people feel are impossible to draw. I tend to design my stencils and masks in the same manner. I have to work hard at not getting carried away! The edges of this piece are really fun to play with because no two edges are the same and the detail is incredible. Because of the size of the cut-out spaces, tissue paper works really well with this.


If you hold the stencil a certain way it looks like a crazy decked-out lizard on wheels, turn it around enough times and you’ll see it too!

Music to My Eyes (L940)

When creating this design, I began with a musical note and took great care to keep all of the marks at the same thickness and slant. The result is “Music to My Eyes”, an excellent, soft design with beautiful edges. Whether you are just celebrating the bold ovals and lines like the sample card shown, or want to focus on the musical note part of the design, this is a fun and versatile tool! 


One additional thought - I love a stencil or mask that is easy to clean. This design is one that cleans easily with no tiny fragile parts sticking up! I hope to grow out of my tendency to clean my stencils every time, but until then this is an added bonus. So this really IS “Music to My Eyes!” I hope you enjoy this design as much as I do!

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