Thursday, January 26, 2023

Check Out These New Designs from Tiffany Goff Smith!

Wild Dreams was inspired by the vivid dreams she has, as a little girl she would wake up and tell her mom of all the adventures that she had been on during her slumber. She still has dreams almost nightly and she can recall a good many of them. She often wakes up and sketches things that she has seen, shapes, images, and people. These organic shapes were inspired by a few of those sketches.

Our hands hold history from all of those before us. Tiffany comes from a long line of makers and she often thinks of how their work has infused her own, even though there are many she never met.  This stencil represents the power of what we create within our hands as well as the layers of history, hours of work all crafted into our own styles. It is also symbolic of the inked expressions, the love, and the path where our hands will take us. We can see this stencil being used in so many different and personal ways for a variety of makers. 

Tiffany's latest stencils are available now at

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