Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Tracy Villaume is Creating Depth with Stencils

Hi Everyone,

Tracy here to share one of my favorite things to do with stencils...create depth with layers! I have used this technique on a number of pieces including cards, canvases and journal pages. 

I like to layer botanicals, but you can do this with any shape or design to make a background, frame or entire piece!

Happy Layering!


STEP 1: If you want to start with a background like mine, adhere book pages to your substrate with matte medium and then push back the print with a light coat of gesso. I took one of my stencils and used a baby wipe to wipe away some gesso for a very faint design.

STEP 2: Using the make-up sponge and your darkest shade of paint, randomly stencil your first design.

STEP 3-4: Using a lighter shade, stencil a second design directly on top of the first. Once dry, use a gel pen to randomly outline some of the design to may it stand-out.

STEP 5: Stencil a third design on top using a third stencil and your lightest shade of paint.

STEP 6: Mix another shade of paint with the modeling paste and stencil using a palette knife. Make sure to clean your stencil right away!

STEP 7: Outline your dried modeling paste design with gel pen. 

NOTE: I like to leave the center of a design like this blank. I will add more gesso to make the negative space really white and the design look like it is popping off the page! 

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