Thursday, March 2, 2023

Kelly Cameron's New Designs are Perfect for Cat and Abstract Fans!

As a child Kelly always loved an abacus, her Mom had an old one just for decor but she would actually PLAY with it. There’s just something about a circle, perhaps that it’s complete whether it’s absolutely perfect or not? Maybe it’s the fact that the edges are endless? Circles, dots, and balls are so much fun, they make her happy just as they are, but when they are on a wire like an abacus, that suggests movement and that means even more happiness! Silly, but that is what inspired these designs!

She cut the stencil into four pieces, even rounding the corners. She had a great time doing positive/negative gel prints, using them as backgrounds for greeting cards and similar projects. These designs stand out when used individually but they also complement one another should you choose to combine them in whatever you’re creating. 

The design is on the small side so Kelly recommends thinner paper for gel printing. Kelly personally loves to use bleeding tissue paper! The end results are detailed and so versatile. Enjoy!

Kelly was inspired to create the Silly Cat set by a cat named Chicken. Always hearing about Chicken’s antics, She thought it would be fun to have the ability to create greeting cards or gift-wrap paper celebrating the feline culture. Kelly included the whole “food chain” if you will. There’s the cat, of course, doing different things. The cat climbing upwards, is on a screen door or the living room curtains. The rest are pretty self-explanatory…silly cat. But what’s a cat without their counterparts? We have two birds, one fish in a bowl, and one out. There’s a mouse and three fishbones. There are 5 hearts loosely drawn for variety’s sake- must-have hearts! The ball of yarn is another must-have! 

With such a variety of masks in this set, one could create all types of scenarios, with or without the cat! Great bang for your buck and you are only limited by your imagination!

Kelly's stencils are available now at

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