Friday, March 3, 2023

Mesmerising Faces - using stencils to paint a face

Hi All,
Niamh here from sunny Tasmania, with a brand new journal pages playing with faces again! I know, I'm obsessed!!! I think it comes from the fact I struggle to draw faces, but having stencils to help support me gives me confidence to have a go. All the proportions are correct, the shading is there, you just add your magic and voila!!!

This page starts off with a neon bright background and a subtle stencil pattern over the top. I used a pale pink colour as a base, then a neon pink through the tropical floral stencil. I highlighted some of the patterns using a fine white paint pen to add detail and interest in some areas. 

I then stencilled over the top of this with the delicate face stencil using a Paynes grey colour so that it was not so bold as black. Using a stabillo all pencil I sketched out the face, hair and neck of my lady. I then painted in the face using thin layers of paints to build up the skin tones and shadows. I have found by being very light handed with this, you get more of an idea where needs to be darker and more shaded. If you look closely, you can see how thin the paint layers are as you can still see the stencilled patterns in the background. I used white paint pen to highlight and add detail to the eyes, as well as a contrasting neon green gel pen for the irises. 

When I was happy with the shading on my face, I restencilled over the top of the previous face stencil. This allowed me to sharpen up the image again, and easily correct anywhere I may have accidentally painted over. I also added additional pencil shading in some areas to add detail and texture. Finally I stencilled the word mesmerising from the Asteria stencil

Here is a video of the piece being created from start to finish. Hope you have a go at creating your own faces using stencils as a basis - it's so much fun and gives you a great deal of confidence. 

Below are the stencils I have used in making this page:

Happy creating,
@niamhbaly (IG/YouTube)

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