Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Create an Abstract Series from One Piece of Paper - with LauraMixedMedia

Hello! Laura Dame here, and today I am sharing this fun and easy way to create an abstract series from one piece of paper. 

The 100 Day Project is in full swing over on Instagram, and this year I am focusing on abstracts. I've called it my #100daysofquickabstractstudies. 
I have found it both fun and challenging to focus on abstract art for this project, and I've enjoyed trying out new ways to approach it.

For these pieces, I used just one sheet of watercolor paper (9x12" I believe). I used painter's tape to divide the sheet into four separate sections, but then I painted over the tape as if it was just one whole piece. 
The goal here was to try and take thinking out of it and just move paint around. I find that this process can really help loosen me up and stop me from getting overly concerned about the finished product.

I used the stencils as mark-making tools, and stenciled in neutral colors, one having some contrast since it was darker, the other providing some calm and brightness. 

Was I able to completely forget that there were actually four separate abstracts being created? Honestly, no. But I did feel free to let the paint and marks fly since I didn't know what they were going to look like. It's not until you peel back the tape that you truly know what's been going on. And who doesn't love a good, clean edge on their paintings?

If you're someone that feels like you have a hard time loosening up, I challenge you to try this technique. And let me know how it goes!


Canson XL Watercolor Paper
Painter's Tape
Liquitex Basics Gesso
Golden Fluid Acrylic - Indigo
Golden Heavy Body Acrylic - Titan Mars Pale, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold
Golden SoFlatte Matte - Payne's Grey
Dina Wakley Media Acrylic - Marine
Lukas Cryl - Mint
Amsterdam Acrylic - Titanium Buff 
Liquitex Spray Paint - Parchment
Mechanical Pencil
Stabilo Woody Pencil - White
Neocolor II - Greyish Black

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  1. Hi Laura

    Thank you for this great mini tutorial!
    Such a great idea to make a serie this way.
    Loved this color palette also.

    Hugs from the Netherlands,
    Claudia "Holland"

  2. I loved watching you create this series! The colour palette is beautiful. Your tutorial has inspired me to give this a try!! Thanks Laura 🧡


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