Friday, April 7, 2023

StencilGirl® Art Journaling by Frieda Oxenham

Over the past few years, we have all gained more appreciation for the place we call home, having been forced to spend so much more time there, so this spread is a homage to where we live, wherever that may be.

Here is the tutorial:

1.     In an 8 x 8” black paged sketchbook drip white acrylic paint onto the pages and more it around using a scraper and/or brush

2.     Using black acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge, stencil through stencil Dream Imagine Inspire Create, or any other StencilGirl® text stencil of your choice.

3.     Using red acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge, stencil onto the spread through String and fill in some of the circular areas with the same paint and a brush.

4.     Add more paint to some of the areas created in step 3. I used a mix of opaque and transparent paint in teal and yellow, finishing with white acrylic. Then remove the paint partially through the various patterns on the medium stencil of the January 2019 StencilClub.

5.     Add more teal paint to the pages.

6.     Drip green pearlescent ink to the pages and while still wet add some white gesso with brush or finger. Remove some of the paint again as in step 4.

7.     Using red acrylic paint and Circles Circles add circles to the spread.

8.     Using stencil 1 from the July 2022 StencilClub stencil the houses  both small and large onto a piece of deli paper using black acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge.

9.     Tear out one of the large houses and glue it onto the right-hand page overlapping one of the red circles, using matte medium.

10.  Tear out the row of little houses and glue to the bottom of the left-hand page.

11.  Add more stencilling to the spread using red and teal paint and the medium stencil from the January 2019 StencilClub.

12.  Rub white gesso over selected areas of the spread to blend them together. I use my fingers, but a brush or cosmetic wedge will do the job too.

13.  Glue on your chosen text outline with a black marker, trace the red circles with a pencil and outline one of the little houses with a red Sharpie.

14.  Edge the pages with red paint.

© Frieda Oxenham 2023

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