Thursday, April 6, 2023

Welcome Judy Woods, Our Newest Stencil Designer!

Judy combines collage, mixed media, and acrylic paint and works on paper, canvas, and wood panels. She builds her work in layers to create depth and texture and is inspired by the creative process of embarking on a wonderful journey full of surprises and discoveries. Every painting is a unique puzzle to be created and then untangled.

A large stencil, useful for layering with abstract art in mind. Build your painting with unique shapes carefully crafted to maximize contrast and opposites so that your work offers surprising details as well as depth in layers.

A large stencil with shapes that sit the curve next to the straight edge. This is a fundamental contrast to exploit differences in your painting as we see in 1950s Design. Build your painting in layers to create depth and create rhythm through repetition.

A large stencil that plays with positive and negative shapes and is reminiscent of snap-off pieces found in board games or models popular in the 60s and 70s. Use these shapes to build layers in your painting to create surprises and interesting edges alongside larger forms.

More About Judy

Judy taught Art in Secondary Schools for 16 years before establishing herself as an Artist painting intuitively and producing abstract paintings. Within the first three years of working full-time on her Art, she won several National painting awards in her homeland New Zealand, as well as being a finalist in international juried shows and winning 1st Place in an International online show. She exhibits both in New Zealand and Internationally and teaches painting online through her Judy Woods Art stARTs mentorship program.

Judy's stencils are available now at

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