Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Stencilled Paper Dolls

 Hello creatives!

Tina Hois here and I hope you are ready to play with some paper dolls.

The thought of paper dolls is so special and nostalgic for me- it conjures memories of endless play and outfit changes. 

Oh how I wished to be a paper doll~ their wardrobes were amazing!!!

Although I’m still giddy when I think of paper doll play today’s project will be great fun but just a tad different.

When I look at my gorgeous Stencilgirl stencils I think hmmm what else can I do with them? 

Faces in the Crowd  by Jennifer Evans is one of those stencils I never tire of - the possibilities are endless.

Today it will be used for our doll heads.

In addition I will be using my gel press and Soulful Scribbles by Tracey Bautista to create the body/dress.

Let’s start playing!


1. Grab your gel plate and the Soulful Scribbles stencil to create patterns for the body- if you don’t have a gel plate simply create patterns with your stencil 

2. With the Faces in the crowd stencil and black paint~ stencil as many faces as you would like 

3.Using a scrap piece of paper cut a shape for the body- I am folding in half and cutting a  triangle for the body~ then I start from the neck and round out the shoulders 

4.Turn your painted  paper - pattern faces down and trace the body shape - cut

5. Cut out face image 

6.Glue body and head together 

7. Cut strips for crown and other embellishments you would like to add

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