Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Tracy V is Altering Book Images into Framable Art with Stencil Masks

Hi Everyone,

It's Tracy V here with a super easy way to make framable-unique art with your favorite stencil masks and just a few additional supplies!


  • Stencils and Masks
  • Interesting images on heavy stock.
    TIP: I am using book page images from A House of Books. If you use magazine images, it is best to use matte medium and adhere them to a heavier stock. This works best when framing.
  • Gel Plate & Roller (optional-you can pounce paint around your masks too!)
  • White and Black Gesso (subbed Titan Buff and Sap Green paint on the green/gold image)
  • Gel and POSCA Pens
  • Frame (also optional)

1. Select your favorite mask and place on Gel Plate. First apply a light coat of white gesso close to the edges of the image, then a layer of black gesso all over the image.

2. Remove mask.

3. Select a colorful image and pull your print. Be sure to burnish well before pulling and use scrap paper to take up the rest of your paint.

4. Fill all the negative space with marks using your Gel Pens and POSCAS. I also stenciled some more, tracing similar images with a Gel Pen.

5. That's it! Frame if you'd like.

Video Tutorial:

1 comment:

  1. Very intriguing technique, Tracy - thanks for sharing it!


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