Thursday, April 27, 2023

You Simply Must Check Out These Fabulous New Designs from Cecilia Swatton!

Walking the beach at Cali’s Carmel-by-the-Sea, Cecilia found strips of Giant String Kelp (also called Bulb Kelp) abandoned on the sand after tides had swept it ashore.  She was fascinated with the plump bulbs and their streamers full of texture.  (In fact, that texture inspired Seaweed 6 Stencil s099.)  Bulb Kelp is a form of algae capable of photosynthesis.  To find ideas for creative fun using L963, M339 and S955, head for – and please don’t limit yourself to Pacific greens and blues; instead, consider these designs abstract and use all colors!

In 9” x 12” L963, Giant String Kelp (aka Bulb Kelp) swirls underwater offering 3 views that start with a close-up of bulbs and streamers flowing from them.  In another area, bulbs and streamers float in the distance.  A third area captures more bulbs and streamers riding the current, farther away still. Kelp “forests,” during growing season, can shoot up 2 feet per day, to reach 250 feet of height!   For art-making fun with L963, consider Brusho crystals and Golden High Flow Acrylics.  And try sponge brayers or pouncing sponges with heavy-body acrylics.  In spite of its inspiration, a design is just a design, so think “abstract” and free your hands to pick up any colors, not just blue and green. Check out

Bulbs and Banners (S955)

This 6” x 6” design features a strand of Bulb Kelp (aka Giant String Kelp) as it bobs under ocean waves in a circular shape, taking a pause before it shoots vertically up toward sunlight.  Emerging from the bulbs are textured green ribbons that ripple like banners riding on the wind.  Go to to find a launching pad for art-making adventures using S955.   Bring out your inner child who wants to play – try all colors, not just blue and green!  My favorite media here are Brusho watercolor crystals and Golden High Flow Acrylics.  But I also use heavy-body acrylics with either sponge brayers or pouncing sponges.

Giant String Kelp (aka Bulb Kelp) anchors to a rocky seabed and sends “strings” up to the water’s surface.  This form of algae is so sturdy that sea otters wrap themselves in its green strands to avoid floating away while asleep. Measuring 4” x 4“, M339 is the right size for art-making on a business trip or vacation. At you’ll find Cecilia's art explorations using M339.  She recommends Golden High Flow Acrylics paired with Brusho crystals, but her second favorite approach is to use heavy-body acrylics with pouncing sponges or sponge brayers.

Cecilia's stencils are available now at

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  1. Hi Cecilia,
    I love these stencils and such gorgeous layouts you created with them.
    Can not wait to have them in my own collection!
    Hugs from Claudia Holland


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