Thursday, July 20, 2023

Check out the latest from Seth Apter!

All four of my newest stencils are part of my ongoing Matrix series. And no...I don't mean the movie.  A matrix can be defined as a set of digits in a fixed grouping of rows and columns. It can also refer to an environment in which something new develops. The design of these stencils - along with the creative ideas that they will hopefully inspire in every user - fits these definitions to a T. 

These designs are perfect for abstract mark-making and enable the maker to make them their own. Each can be used in full, broken down into columns or rows, or stenciled randomly. Any individual element can be selected on its own too. 

Crosshatch, the largest of the group at 9x12 inches, is made up of over 35 smaller designs, all of which can be mixed or matched. The elements are reminiscent of an unknown visual language, allowing you to tell any story you like by using them. The two medium, 6x6 inch stencils - Vessel and Multiply - are perfect for adding strong or subtle details to a mixed media background. They can also represent abstract focal points when used in their entirety. The design of Pathways, the smallest stencil at 4x4 inches, lends itself to becoming borders, linear details, or even frames when only specific elements are chosen to be used. 

The versatility of all four stencils allows your inner voice to shine, over and over again.

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