Tuesday, August 15, 2023

An Abstract Mini Series Using a Stenciled One-Sheet with Tracy V.

Hi there, it's Tracy V. from Cork & Brush Studio and I love making a mini series! I find that when I work on more than one piece at a time, there are always one or two that I fall in love with and I just use the others as collage fodder.

I have seen several different artists create a one-sheet and then separate it to make smaller pieces. Sometimes, when my creative juices are not quite feeling like making shapes and marks of my own to start, it is super fun to randomly select from my stencil collection to get things going. Sometimes I select a stencil for the focal point too!

Here is a four-piece mini series I created using a stenciled one-sheet. I hope it inspires you to grab some stencils and paint and have some fun - I am sure that you will be amazed at how easy it is to make your own unique little abstract series!

  • Stencils! Try to grab some with rounded edges and some with straight; a few smaller patterns and a few large; and if you wish, a larger less abstract stencil to use as your focal point. Here are the stencils I used:
  • Large piece of mixed media paper of your choice
  • Gesso - Clear, White and Black
  • Ink Spray (I used Lindy's Ponderosa Pines)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Acrylic Paint with colors of your choice. I must have been feeling the fall vibes already, I used Golden's Cobalt Turquoise, Titan Pale Green, Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold and Sap Green Hue
  • Dabber (I used a make-up sponge) and brushes
  • Empty frame matting
  • Paper cutter or blade
  • Pencil and white POSCA marker
  • Ephemera and matte medium for collage (optional)


Give your substrate a quick once over with clear gesso to prime and add ephemera collage if desired. If adding ephemera, push it back with a watered down white gesso wash.


Get some color down. I sprayed an ink spray and using one of my stencils wiped away some with a baby wipe just to give some texture and depth. This is strictly optional, but I feel that this looks better than when starting with a stark white background.


Add your stencils randomly all over the page using your acrylics. I like to layer and change between stencils with both hard and soft edges, and large and small designs. I also like to alternate hues of the paint.

Use the frame mat to select areas of the sheet that appear balanced. Sometimes you might only find two, I was happy with four. Mark and cut.


For this step you can either highlight an area with some watered down white gesso then add your focal point with black gesso OR add your focal point and then highlight. I find that the subtle highlighting adds depth and makes the image pop.


Outline your image with a dotted border using your POSCA marker to really bring it off the background.


I hope that you enjoy making a mini abstract series using your StencilGirl stencils! Please share your series with me! You can find me on Instagram @tracyvillart or at CorkandBrush.com


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  1. You did an incredible good work with this creation. This is good Art too. And is very interesting to know how do It. Congratulations for your knowledgement and hability.


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