Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Heal & Grow an art journal page

Hello creative friends!

Summer is here in full bloom.
For todays pages I will be focusing on the garden, the miracles of Mother Nature and the great outdoors.

To celebrate the beauty I see in my garden I gathered up three stencils that spoke to me for this project.
I love the softness of acrylic ink and decided that it will be used on the circle and the floral aspects of the project. 
The words and image were stenciled with black acrlyic ink for contrast.


Stencil L422 Herbs Stencil designed by Jessica Sporn.
This stencil is fabulous~ I love the variety of herbs and words.
For this project I selected the herbs I would work with as well as the words heal & grow.

Stencil L214 Wheel in the Sky designed by Kae Pea.
Let’s talk design choices because this one has an abundance and I reach for it frequently.
I decided on using the large wheel.
The blank space in the middle is the perfect frame for the floral.

Stencil S807 Delicate Face  stencil designed by Andrea Matus DeMeng.
Andreas’ face stencils are so expressive and the perfect addition to mixed media and art-journal pages.

Acrylic inks
Paint brush
Black acrylic paint
Cosmetic sponge
Gel pen

The process:

With your favourite acrylic ink and paint brush - transfer the circle image on to your journal page. 
As you can see from the picture I placed it off the left side of the page.
Feel free to experiment and place it where you prefer.

Now it's time to add the herb background. Using acrylic paint stencil your selected herbs.  I added them within the cirlce and turned them upside down on the top of the page. 
Allow paint to completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

With the acrylic ink stencil your herbs of choice within the cirlcle and along the bottom of your page. Feel free to add as many layers as you like as well as use a variety of colours for a luscious garden.

The herbs can be left soft and watery or they can be loosley outlined with a jell pen for more structure (see next photo).

For the final step of this spread I used acrlyic ink for both the face stencil and the words.
I placed the face stencil half on the page- I find this image so strinking and seeing only half is such an impact.     

I love how this spread came together.  
Enjoy the process of creating your very own healing garden page.

I also created a process video for further inspiration. I used the same techniques but made it slightly different.



  1. I really like what you did with the delicate and bolder colors and the circle, Tina. I like the one on the video, too. Thanks for showing your technique!

  2. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it and look forward to your interpretationšŸ„°


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