Monday, July 24, 2023

StencilGirl® Altered Mini Apron Collaboration Challenge

Hello and Welcome to July - Tina Walker here and can you believe summer is half way over?  Where does time go?

I am here today to share my latest collaboration challenge.  Today, we are altering mini, waste sized up-cycled aprons with our favorite StencilGirl® stencils.

I often watch and follow (okay, who am I kidding...and SHOP) auctions almost weekly.  In a recent auction win, I won the mother lode of bingo cards, chips, and balls.  It was truly a magical find.  Included in the auction was several used aprons that I believe the bingo hall volunteers had used.  I thought it would be fun to hand them out to fellow artists to see how they could transform the aprons into a OOAK, unique piece of art!.  Here's what the aprons looked like, prior to their transformations.

Let's check 'em out - - - 


"It was so fun to be a part of this collaboration and a joyful reminder that Stencil Girl Stencils are just as easy to use on fabric as they are paper!"

Stencils Used:

Pretty as a Peacock

Gross Anatomy Listen to your Heart

Thistles & Ribbons



"I turned my apron into a functional part of my storage in my studio that can also be portable.  A place to keep the supplies I use the most to do what I love doing."

Stencils Used:

Vintage Typewriter Alphabet

Fade Horizontal

StencilClub April 2022


"I've recently been getting more into gardening, and I thought it would be awesome to have an apron I could use for art and digging around in the dirt. I'm super inspired by flowers and floral motifs, so this was a perfect combo for me!"

Stencils Used:

Bouquet Greenery

Daisy Daisy




"When I started this project, I knew there were 2 things I wanted to incorporate additional pockets (because you can never have too many) and sewing/hand stitching. StencilGirl® has so many great stencils to work with and I was able to find the perfect ones for sewing and stitching"

Stencils Used:

StencilClub Dec 2021

Floral Fascinations

StencilClub July 2019

These turned out so beautiful!  I would almost be afraid to wear them.  But, I think they ARE meant to be worn, admired, and seen.  ♥♥♥

I had so many ideas for what I wanted to do with my mini apron, but most involved a lot of hand stitching and I didn't think my arthritic hands would have been up for that challenge, so I opted for the COLORS OF THE RAINBOW for a bright, cheerful, and positive feel.  I didn't ignore my desire for hand stitching tho....I added a blanket stitches on all edges of the apron, in a coordinating thread.  Loved how it finished off the pockets and sides.  

Stencils Used:

Wildflowers Botanical Mask

Imaginary Botanical Mask

Next time you are in an antique store or at your local hardware store, snatch a utility apron and give it go!

Till next time!  Too Da Loo!



  1. I love upcycling! This was a fun collaboration (as always!)

  2. What kind of paint was used to do these aprons?

  3. Love these - what a great idea! I especially like Kim Collister's colorful piece, but all are wonderful!


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