Monday, October 23, 2023

StencilGirl™ Zine Challenge

Hello and welcome to October, one of my favorite months and time of the year. The fall season starts my hibernation period, where I settle in, surround myself with comfort and reflect on the year.

I am Tina Walker, the collaboration columnist for StencilGirl™ and this quarters challenge is celebrating THE ZINE.  What is a Zine you ask?  

A zine is a small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images.

Our zines were created from ONE sheet of paper or what some artists refer to as a master board or sheet, designed, decorated, and created with all types of mediums and products, and of course, WITH STENCILGIRL™ STENCILS.

There are many ways to cut and fold a sheet of paper to make a Zine, but here is one method created by Taylor Rushing.

Here's a peek at my master board sheet. I used Distress Sprays with my stencils and because of the medium (and the heavy application) the it got a lil' messy - - but no worries, that is the beauty about working with stencils.  They assist you with your art making and help you create random, unexpected marks and shapes, even if a true, clear image of the stencil isn't visible.


To add even more randomness to my sheet, I covered portions with painters tape so that the beautiful background paper would show through.

Once the sprayed portions were dry, I added bold, high contrast marks both with the tape still in place and once I removed it with a black Posca marker.

Special note:  I did 'paint' both sides of my master board/sheet although only 1 would be visible in the cut/folded book.  It gave me the ability to play with my supplies 'twice' and pick the side that I loved the most.

Once my master board/sheet was in a place I was happy with, I cut and folded the sheet to make my zine.  One of my favorite things about using a master board is that when you cut or fold it down, the real magic appears.  The individual pages become something entirely new and fantastical!

Because the master board/sheet gave me a wonderful starting point and beautiful background, adding other elements to each page becomes easy.  I was inspired by the shapes, lines, and colors to create the pages of my zine.

The other wonderful thing about creating a zine from 1 sheet of paper, your book contains a limited number (and small number) of pages.  So you can finish your zine in a relatively short period of time!  Accomplishment - CHECK!

Stencils Used:

Tropical Floral

ATC Mixup Kalbach

Bullet Planner

Let's check out the other participants zine's.


Ann totally embraced the Halloween season to create a Halloween inspired Zine.

"I thought it would be fun to create Halloween themed zines to send out for the upcoming holiday, they were quick and easy using the StencilGirl™ woodcut garden stencil which gives all the spooky feels, especially when layered in black and rust."

Stencil Used:

Woodcut Garden 


The amount of beautiful texture and depth that Linda created on her pages is simply divine.

"I created my Zine to showcase my interest in Reiki, a non-religious healing energy. To start, I used several of my own floral stencil designs with pastel acrylic paints, and layered them color by color on 14” x 20” lightweight paper to create an all-over floral background. Once it was folded, my 8-page Zine was 5” x 7”. I selected several favorite stencils by other designers that had a spiritual feeling, stenciled them onto white tissue paper using VersaMark ink, sprinkled fine gold embossing powder, and applied heat to melt the embossing powder and bring out the shine. Next, I carefully trimmed the gold images and applied them to the pastel stenciled background with Decou-Page matte glue. Once the gold artwork was in place, I cut and glued on words from the Reiki Daily Prayer, which I had printed on thin tracing paper from my laser printer. The final touches were inks to deepen and enhance some of the images, and a few touches of Nuvo Drops in white, pink, and green."

Stencils Used:

Tossed Poppies

ATC Mixup Wyatt 

Crown Chakra 


Martha's zine is whimsical, fun, and happy!

"This is the first zine I’ve ever made. Originally I had decided on a Halloween theme but this is what I ended up with! My Halloween idea didn’t work out as expected (what else is new) but I’m quite pleased with this one. "

Stencils Used:

StencilClub August 2020

Rembrandt's Words

Garden Rows


Niamh's layers and use of pattern is so wonderful!  Adorbs!

"There is nothing more I love than creating collage matrixes with vintage papers and random stencilling to create awesome, quirky backgrounds. The best bit is every section is random, the colour combinates are yours to choose from, and it doesn’t matter if you stencil or paste stuff upside down or back to front!!!"

Stencils Used:

CM 2019 

When Words are not Enough

Pebble Path


I am digging how Susan incorporated tea bag quotes into her Zine.  Genius!

"For this challenge I used things that end up in my purse and pockets... the tags with quotes from my daily cup of tea. My ZINE is fashioned from a recycled ledger paper folded to ATC size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2"), which is the perfect size and scale to properly showcase these tags. My ZINE of "Wise Words from the Tea Leaves" is made using my stash of StencilGirl® ATC stencils."

Stencils Used:

ATC Mixup Nasser

ATC Mixup Dube

ATC Mixup 1


I am always a fan of how Laura mixes color and shape to create beautiful floral work.

"Botanicals have always inspired me, so I have been loving these Eucalyptus stencils from Rae Missigman. I love how they combine together, and adding stamped botanicals just adds to the fun! "

Stencils Used:

Clustered Triangles

Eucalyptus Stems Small



DeeDee's use of neutrals to convey a story is one of a kind!

"Here is A Journey Read - a little self reflection in some collage among the pages. Visit my website for more details."

Stencils Used:

StencilClub May 2023

Little Painted Rainbows

Poppy Seed Stems


I was actually with Tracy when she created her Zine - and the weekend was filled with laughter and cheekyness!

"What I loved about this project is the sheer happiness it brought to me. Collaging "wonky" people had me laughing up a storm."

Stencils Used:

Go Your Own Way

Mod Ovals and Circles

StencilClub April 2022 

I would love to see you create a Zine and share it on social media.  Please tag both StencilGirl™ and myself so we can admire and be inspired by your creation!

Till next time!  Tata for now!


  1. Such a fun way to create! I loved working on this project and seeing how amazing everyone’s finished Zine turned out makes me just want to create some more! With StencilGirl stencils the possibilities are endless! Another great collab Tina! -A Barnes

  2. Great contributions from your co-creators. Thanks, Tina, for another great collab!


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