Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Mixed Media stenciled Pin/Brooch

Hello creative friends! 

Happy 2024 to you all.

Today I will be guiding you through an adorable little mixed media project using Faces in the Crowd stencil by Jennifer Evans.

When inspiration strikes I always act. 
With that said, a piece of fabric that I had stenciled faces on stared at me from the pile of “inspiration” on my desk, along with other bits of fabric and I immediately started stacking.
The result are these adorable mixed media pins that can be incorporated in art journal pages, adorned on gift packaging, given as friendship gratitude tokens or worn on your favourite clothing!

I have used the Faces in the crowd stencil designed by Jennifer Evans, countless times! 
Check out this project ~Paper Dolls

Let’s start the process:

Step 1:

Gather your base fabric, faces in the crowd stencil and black acrylic paint.
Stencil the faces of choice on to the fabric
Allow to dry completely 
Cut around each face allowing some room for stitching

Step 2:

Select fabric pieces of your choice (I also used a small piece of batting to create dimension.)
Cut the first piece ( the one beneath the face) 1/4” longer than the face 
Continue with all following layers increasing by 1/4”
Stack the fabrics with the largest piece on the bottom 

Step 3:

With the face outline on top,  pin all pieces together and stitch around the face 
I used my sewing machine but hand stitching works just as well
Using your fingers (or a tool you prefer) fray each of the fabric edges
I love me worn, unraveled edges!

Step 4:

Add some further individual personality to each one with beads and buttons! 

Step 5:

To create a brooch, simply stitch a safety pin in the back

Your pins are now ready to find their receiver- a perfect token in happy mail✨


Stencil~Faces in the Crowd Faces in the crowd
Black acrylic paint
Cosmetic sponge
Safety Pin

Thank you for being here, I look forward to seeing your creative ladies! 
Have a fabulously blessed and creative year!



  1. Love these brooches, Tina - thanks for the idea!

    1. So happy you enjoyed the tutorial.
      Thank you 🙏🏻


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