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Rustic Mushroom Coaster Set

Greetings everyone!! Jane Bellante here back for another fun tutorial using StencilGirl stencils!

If you know me, you know I am totally obsessed with stencils- and I love mixed media in every way- from art journaling, to canvas, to up-cycling to home decor and everything else I didn't name.

I have had these little wood slices for some time, and I got the idea to make a little coaster set out of them.  You can find these on Amazon, at Michaels/Hobby Lobby, or even sometimes at your local dollar store.

Since I am using resin as my last step, I wanted to make sure I sealed these with a clear, water based sealer ahead of time.  If you don't do this crucial first step, your resin will sink right into the wood.  It's fixable - you just need to add another layer or two of resin- but you'll save time and resin if you do seal them first.  As an alternative, you can paint these wood slices first as well.  StencilGirl has soooo many amazing stencils, you really can create any theme you could ever think of with these!

I absolutely love the Tall Skinny Mushroom stencil by Debi Adams, so this was my first choice for a rustic, woodland theme with these wood slices.  After the clear water based sealer (any kind- your choice) dried, I grabbed the stencil to decide how I would use it on each wood slice so in the end I would have a varied set of four different mushroom designs. 

Then, I grabbed my Big Embossing Pad (you can use any embossing ink you have), and used a 1/2" stencil brush to apply it through the stencil on each wood slice.  Make sure you apply the embossing ink in a nice thick, but even coat so the embossing powder will really grip to it.  The pre-step sealer should ensure that the embossing ink doesn't sink right into the wood slice as well. 

Then, I grabbed two colors of Distress Embossing Powders (they have renamed them to glazes if you don't have the older jars like me), and I applied them one at a time to each wood slice.  It's important to apply one at a time so that you can recover the unused embossing powder back to the jar.  If you pour both colors at the same time, you end up mixing the excess and it becomes unusable. 

Then, emboss with a high heat heat tool.  Tip- Your hairdryer will likely not get hot enough to emboss these distress powders, I have found using the highest setting on my heat tool works the best.

I wanted to add a little empowering word to each slice, (mushrooms do symbolize abundance!), so I cut and glued each word on with Aileens Tacky Glue and let the glue dry completely.

They are starting to look really great- but- if you were to put anything wet on these (they are coasters after all), they get ruined pretty quick.  So grab your favorite resin (I used Art Resin) and prepare it according to the instructions on the bottles.  I used one ounce of the resin and one ounce of the hardener and stirred it for three minutes.  

I made sure to scrape the sides of my cup and the bottom of the cup multiple times as I was stirring so the resin would set correctly.  Then I poured a small amount onto each wood slice, and used a craft stick to spread it around.  I did not coat the sides of the wood slice at all, just the top, and I made sure to extend the resin all the way to to exact edge of each slice. 

Then you'll need to let your resin cure for the recommended amount of time.  But- you'll need to watch for air bubbles rising in as it sets.  After about 30 minutes, I started to see some bubbles.  You can use the same high heat gun (on the lowest speed) or a torch to pop these bubbles.  I checked and popped bubbles for the first few hours, and after that- I didn't see any more bubbles coming up.  Then I let them cure for 72 hours (out of the reach of my giant cat of course!).  You'll also want to make sure the area where they are curing is relatively dust and breeze free.

I just think they turned out so cute!! You can spot wash them with a wet towel or wet wipe if they get spilled on, or just dry dust them as they sit in your decor.  

Supplies used:

Tall Skinny Mushroom stencil by Debi Adams for StencilGirl Stencils

Wood Slices

Water Based Clear Sealer

Art Resin

Embossing Ink

Ranger Distress Embossing Powder (glaze) in Peeled Paint and Vintage Photo

High Heat Gun

Cut out words

Aileens Tacky Glue 

I sure hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you make some, please shout out and let me know!! 

You can find me at janebellanteart.com and @janebellanteart on all social media platforms.

Happy stenciling!!


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