Friday, March 29, 2024

Using stencils as drawing tools

Hi All,
Niamh here in Australia - sweltering in a heatwave! What a way to start Autumn. As you can see, the firey summer colours are echoed in the palette I chose for this art journal page. 

Stencils are such a versatile tool to have in your tool box, and they are my go to items when creating pages in my journal. For this page, I wanted to clear my mind, and the best way I find to do that is too doodle my worries away. When I do that though, I don't have the bandwidth to draw freehand, so I used stencils to use as a base for my doodling. These two mini stencils were perfect for the job!
First I painted my background with a warm colour palette, then I used the Carnival stencil as a border and drew through it with a white paint pen. With a black paint pen, I coloured in the negative space, then doodled over the empty spaces with simple lines and dots using a white pen. 
Next I repeated the same process using the shape stencil to overlap and fill in the background space. Finally, I filled in the spaces between the stencilled shapes with black circles in varying sizes. 

This was such a relaxing page to make, and I was so happy that it turned out the way it did. Plus, what a brilliant way to use those smaller mini stencils in a new and exciting way!

Happy creating
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