Friday, May 17, 2024

Carol Ponsford - Creating a journal spread with Lizzie Mayne's new stencils

Hello creatives! Carol Ponsford on the blog today sharing a journal spread I created with
these fabulous new stencils just released by StencilGirl® Products designed by Lizzie Mayne.
I love to use cityscapes in my art and all of the detail in these stencils blew my mind. The 
stencils in the picture above are covered in paint but show you another possibility
that your could use by printing on black paper with white paint to give a night time scene.

To start, I used all of the stencils on my gel plate to create an assortment of collage papers to use.

Next I opened my journal and arranged the papers in areas where I wanted each of them 
just to get the colors spread throughout the design. I also used some printed tissue papers
(I believe the tissue is some of Tim Holtz's tissue, these were just some scraps I had.)

I decided what paper had the design I wanted to make my focal point of the page but it 
was black and white and I wanted to add some color to it so I pulled out my gel plate and 
Amsterdam Acrylic in the color of Reflex Rose and applied a thin coat of paint on the plate 
with a brayer then printed right on top of the black and white page. The Reflux Rose
is a transparent color so it did not affect the black paint on the print.

Above you can see that pink cityscape piece that I changed. I cut the collage pieces into
the sizes they needed to be and made sure everything was where I wanted.

I then took Golden Regular Matte Gel Medium and glued everything down 
in its place (you could also use a glue stick). I let this dry thoroughly before proceeding.
The next thing I did was to trim all of the excess paper from around the pages.

I wanted to tie the areas together so I pulled out my Posca paint markers and started
adding lines that crossed and connected areas and also more dots and shapes
that were layered on top of other areas. I filled in some of the buildings to bring
adjacent colors into neighboring areas. Just play with it and have fun because you can always 
correct an area if you aren't happy with what you tried. Posca markers are really a great tool.

Above I showed a few close-ups so you get a better idea of what choices I made.

I really love how these stencil designs work with each other and am loving the result.

I hope you have fun playing in your journal with your stencils and really try to 
re-imagine how your stencils can be used in ways that you may not have even thought of.

I included this photo that I adjusted to B&W to show what a great piece 
of collage paper this could be to cut up and add back into my work. 
Using your existing work can add such depth into pieces and it is so easy 
just to take a photo, change it to B&W, print it out, and cut it up!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to check out my post. I hope it has given you some 
inspiration to open your journal and just start playing with your stencils. Have a great day!

Happy Creating!


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