Friday, May 24, 2024

Decorate your own art supplies case with stencils

Hi All,
It's getting to the time of year where I have a few short stay trips to complete. I always travel with my art supplies, but can never find a pencil case that I like - so why not make one!!! I was lucky enough to come by these canvas blank cases in spotlight (an Australian craft store), those of you cleverer than me can probably sew one yourself thought. With a bit of paint and some cools stencils - magic happened!!!

First of all, I gessoed the canvas blank pencil case. This makes it easier to stencil and add paints onto the surface without having to use loads of paint up. I chose to use white gesso - but any would work - you just need to seal the canvas. I would recommend leaving this to dry fully, but I'm impatient and I worked the background warm colours (mustard, blushing, raspberry, tangelo acrylic paint from Dina Wakley) into the damp gesso. This gave a soft look and blended the colours together as well. 

Next I grabbed out a load of mark making stencils (ATC #1 Mixup Missigman Art MarksKelp ForestRandom Circles, Circle line stencil mask )and went to town. I stencilled with the colours I used in the background, but as they were going over dry paint rather than damp white gesso, I got a brighter colour contrast. I also used malachite and sapphire paint to contrast the warm colours on the pouch. 

Finally I added some extra marks with posca paint pens and wrote my quote on the front. I used a cool grey alcohol marker to help push the lettering out with a drop shadow and added a white highlight as well. 

Here is a close up of the different patterns stencilled on the pouch and the lettering I added, as well as the stencils I used: 

Have fun creating your own bags, pencil cases, clothing and more!!!
Happy Creating,
@niamhbaly (IG/YouTube)
@niamhsartjournal (Facebook)


  1. Niamh, the colors are delicious and the whole item says FUN! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the fabulous colors and fun designs!


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