Friday, July 5, 2013

Playing with Cecilia Swatton's Seaweed Stencil

My name is Mary Nasser, and I'm super-excited to be on the StencilGirl Creative Team.
This week, I played with Cecilia Swatton's Seaweed Stencil to create new mixed-media map painting!

As soon as I saw this 6" x 6" stencil, I knew exactly which maps I wanted to use it with:
a seashell-shaped map and a map I had with very similar lines and shapes as this stencil.

After collaging these 2 maps onto an 8" x 10" stretched canvas, I added light values with Unbleached Titanium acrylic and a make-up sponge:

Next, I added dark values with Irridescent Rich Silver and a 6B pencil. Then came the fun part...I placed the Seaweed Stencil directly onto my painting and applied Iridescent Antique Bronze acrylic with an ink sweeper. Then I removed the stencil and applied more Iridescent Antique Bronze acrylic with a brush.

I really enjoy using parts of the stencil and wiping away paint after stenciling, too. You can use a paper towel and/or baby wipe to subtract paint and push the pattern of the stencil back into the surface so it appears more integrated.

Next, I layered the Seaweed Stencil with Cobalt Turquoise acrylic.
Then I removed the stencil and applied more Cobalt Turquoise with a brush.

For lighter values of blue, I layered the Seaweed Stencil with Cobalt Teal, removed the stencil and applied more.
Again, I selected just of section of the painting to apply a portion of the stencil to and paint.

A little more Unbleached Titanium for more light values and some complementary Iridescent Rich Copper...

Finally, I added some Iridescent Copper Light. The very last step was incorporating the text nature – because all of my work is inspired by nature:

And here are a couple detail shots of the work:

It's such a privilege to be on the StencilGirl Creative Team!
I hope that I've inspired you to collage and play.

Have fun painting and playing and layering with your StencilGirl stencils!

Wishing you all the best,

Come back on Monday!
Samie Harding will be back with another tutorial.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous Mary...such beauty and strength embodied in this piece...gorgeous color palette too..stunning work as always! So wonderful to see you on this blog..congrats!

  2. Oh Mary - congrats congrats congrats! You deserve this SO much!!! How did the art show do that your work was going into a few months back? I've always admired your work, and your very professional descriptions that come along with your blog posts. It is teaching in the process - and I love that. This art is stunning! I really find the blues dear to the heart and the (rusts?) I know you call them a specific color - are simply a gorgeous contrast. The mapping is brilliant, as is the pencil use. The simplicity of the word is SO full and intense. Funny how the most minimal use of something can do that! Thanks for such an informative post but also a simply beautiful looksie at your work, once again. Such a pleasure to come here. And again, much bravo for you to be on the team...I have subscribed to you...I can't miss a trick you have up your sleeve with your creations! HeArtfully Yours, Samara

  3. The stencil works beautifully in the piece to evoke motion. Love your process. Thanks for sharing your technique on how to get the most our of this stencil. I love it. xox

  4. Amazing to see your piece develop! Your colors and composition are amazing!

  5. The blues are certainly pumped up with that bit of copper, Mary--both good choices! Genius to grab those particular maps, too! That stencil adds both interest and texture to finish off this great work! Bravo!

  6. Loving your colors and the depth you've built up with this stencil. Gorgeous!

  7. Love watching the work evolve Mary. Happy PPF

  8. Beautiful use of two of my favorite colors. The stencil added a lot to your already gorgeous layout.

  9. Lots of depth Mary. Amazing work. Great job.:)

  10. You create such texture and perspective with your layers and layers... what makes your work beautiful!
    I also always learn from you, thanks!

  11. oooooooooo this is so beautiful. I love the layers and textures.

  12. Love this blog too. Going to look at the stencils post- I use them but not extensively. Happy PPF friend.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Your comment put a huge smile on my face!

  13. Beautiful art work. I love it all, colours, composition and words on it. Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  15. It became more interesting and at each stage and ending up being very beautiful.

  16. I really enjoyed seeing your process, Mary! Great job! Patsy

  17. Unusual and beautiful. Love the textures!

  18. Mary, you know I'm a huge fan of your work but I think you've outdone yourself with this piece!
    Amazing - I never would have imagined anyone could create such incredible artwork with a stencil!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us at Inspire Me Monday.
    Your work will be featured at this week's party at

    Create With Joy


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