Thursday, April 24, 2014

Around The World!

Hi! Mary Nasser here to show you what I did with my two newest StencilGirl designs – 


The Around the World Latitude stencil is the Deal of the Day over at StencilGirl Products!

I loved working with Walnut Hollow products in January and knew I wanted to work with their wood products again
to create a triptych using both stencils on round surfaces.
First, I painted two coats of white gesso onto a 14" gallery clock, allowing the gesso to dry completely between coats.

I drew an 8” circle in the center by tracing my stencil.
I painted this circle with cobalt turquoise acrylic and the surrounding area with copper acrylic.
Once this dried, I placed my Around the World Longitude stencil on the cobalt turquoise circle.
Then I used an ink sweeper to apply heavy body turquoise green acrylic to the stencil. 

Any paint that went outside the stencil, I easily removed with a baby wipe.

I applied two coats of white gesso to my two 8" Circle Plaques from Walnut Hollow.
Then I painted on a layer cobalt teal acrylic. I placed the Around the World Latitude stencil on one plaque and Around the World Longitude on the other, and using another ink sweeper, carefully pounced cobalt turquoise acrylic through the stencils.

To finish the clock, I used my Fiskars Round 'n Round Squeeze Punches on vintage maps:
the extra-large to punch 
2" circles from maps of bodies of water,
the large to cut 1.5" circles from a map of the moon.
Finally, I used the medium to cut 1" circles around an N, S, W, and E that I had printed onto pale blue paper.
I arranged and layered these with PVA glue.

The very last step was adding on the clock movement and gold clock hands from Walnut Hollow.

Below is a detail of the clock:

These three pieces are going on a wall in my living room!
Be sure to go check out my quick DIY map painting tutorial with Around the World Longitude here
and all my Gelli plate print fun with Around the World Latitude here, too!

I hope I’ve inspired you to try your StencilGirl stencils in new ways!
Wishing you all the best,


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