Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cheers! Stenciled Coasters

Hi! Kirsten here today to walk you through a fun, easy project to do for yourself or a quick gift.  I am using Carolyn Dube's Diamond Waves stencil from StencilGirl Products ~ which is sooooo fun and I LOVE.  It reminded me of the reflections you see on the water during the summer and well, since I am currently freezing my tush off, I have been doing some beach daydreaming.

The Diamond Waves stencil is also the Deal of the Day over at StencilGirl Products!!

I decided to use her stencil to make some fun coasters.  You could use these all summer long on your deck, by the pool, at your lake house or beach house (invite, please)…etc. You get the picture!

I started by taking 4 white tiles bought at Lowe's and a pack of cork coasters I bought at a craft store.

I chose a beach palette of green, sea blue and white (which I mixed with both).

 I carefully laid the stencil directly on the tile and began dabbing color through.
SO> EASY!!!!!!

I really wanted my coasters to have a "clean" look but I had to add words, well, because I am a bit a of a word smith and I love words in my art.  This counts as art, right???  So I stamped some phrases on deli paper and adhered them to the coasters with gel medium.  CAUTION:  Dab, don't brush this on because I kind of smudged the paint being too harsh.

I then let the coasters dry and sprayed with several coats of shiny sealer, allowing dry time in between.  You will really want to let A LOT of time for drying.  I left mine outside because I am super sensitive to the smell of spray sealer and well, little bits of dirt blew into them and dried.  I guess it gave them "texture"! :)

After they dried, I hot glue gunned the coasters to the bottom of the tile.

So, bottoms up!  Cheers! Prost!  Enjoy your day!

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  1. Cute as ever and Carolyn's beachy colors too, xox

  2. What a wonderful project! They look awesome!!

  3. It is the blues and greens on the rippling sands of my favorite ocean on these fabulous coasters! You turned these tiles into conversation starting coasters!

    1. Like you need a conversation starter! HA! :)

  4. I'm so glad I got to see these in person!! The PERFECT gift!!!

  5. I love how these turned out! The colors are divine!

  6. Lovely colors and phrases, Kirsten! Fun!

  7. Just fantastic, Kirsten. What a great gift for a house warming or just have create and have fun. Bravo, my friend, bravo!

  8. I love these coasters Kirsten! Great colours too!

  9. What a neat,smart & sweet coasters idea!


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